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SunContract (SNC) Token 

SNC Token is a globally recognized digitally-tradable crypto  token that is used for energy trading. Here's why you should become an SNC Hodler even if you are not a P2P trader:
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About the Project

The first peer-to-peer platform of its kind, SunContract has been in operation in Slovenia for one year now, where it has been greeted with a lot of enthusiasm. Plans to enter new markets in 2020 are currently in progress. 

Uses of the SunContract (SNC) Token

Purchase electricity on the SunContract platform P2P
Means of energy exchange
Trade electricity on the SunContract platform using SNC token. Not on it yet?
Solar Power Plant Investments
Invest in Solar Power Plants
SNC is recognized as a currency for the installation of solar power plants, and other self sufficiency products eg. heat pumps
Become energy self sufficient with SNC token
Become Self-Sufficient
$SNC is also used for the purchasing of energy self-sufficient products such as heat pumps and IR panels as well as solar power plants
SunContract 2.0 Services
Use SNC token for our upcoming new services on the SunContract platform. As we expand into new jurisdictions, $SNC will also be available for more uses!

The Future of Energy is Clean, Green and Renewable

Amount raised in ICO. While still in bear market, SNC market cap is still averaging $2.4M while many projects suffer -90% losses since their ICO.
SunContract circulating supply is now equal to total  supply. Since all tokens are in circulation, price dilution due to token releases are a thing of the past!
50-70% of Europe's energy will come mainly from solar energy. In 2018 alone, Clean Energy Investment amounted to $300B!

The SunContract Platform

Users on the SunContract platform aren't limited to fiat currency. They can make payments for their electricity in SNC token, as well as Ethereum. SNC token is a utility token in every sense

A team that delivers...

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Funding, Development, Testing Platform
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Launch, Marketing for Adoption, Partnerships
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Entry into New Markets, New Services, More Partnerships

Not in Slovenia? You Should Still be Interested!

SunContract will be launching new  and exciting services that supporters from all around the globe will have access to!

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